Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Make Yours a Rockstar - Seminar
Saturday, 12 August 2017
9.30am-11.00am EST 

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Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Make Yours a Rockstar - Seminar
Saturday, August 12, 2017
9.30am - 11.00am AEST

St James Building
350 Street Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004

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Presented by
Louise Lucas, CEO,
The Property Education Company
Louise has over 10 years experience as a finance and mortgage  broker.  Her service to clients is to offer more than just a loan.  Louise has helped many of her clients build a significant property portfolio based on her sound knowledge of the property market, keeping up to date with trends and statistics and engaging in dialogue with a raft of industry participants.

Louise has won some of the major awards of the industry this year which validates not only her expertise but also her commitment to the “client for life” mantra and her holistic approach to navigating the world of finance is what makes her a true champion of the industry. 
What People are Saying...
"The message is simple, if you want to do it properly and get it right the first time then go see Louise and get along to a Property Education Company event. I’ve taken four friends along to Louise’s seminars and each of them walked away as inspired as I was."
- Anthony Schiafone, Investor
"I love to share my positive experience with you. You were a breath of fresh air for us, we knew where we stood and at no point did we feel in the dark. As you know I was very anxious and you made me worry less….. that in itself is no mean feat!"
- Sandra and Travis Cartwright, Buyer
"The best part of the experience with Louise was the support, the phone calls, emails and most of all the guidance and advice I received ... equipped me with the tools and resources I need to confidently make some of the most important decisions of my life. My biggest fear was that I would fail ... In fact, it’s been the reverse."
- Anthony Schiafone, Investor
"Given my self-employed status  ... it quickly emerged that to be able to secure the right loan at a reasonable rate was becoming anything other than straight forward! ... I was very impressed with Louise’s 24/7 approach, focus on the task whilst always developing a backup plan. Louise went above and beyond whilst navigating me through the process."
- Glen Speirs, Buyer
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